Squaw Creek

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2574.98 ft



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Trail Overview

This trail has two important notes. First is that it is only open to 50" ATV's or smaller. Second is that it is seasonal : open July 1st through August 10th. This trail offers beautiful mountain landscapes with aspens, pines, fields of grassy wildflowers, and sweeping views of peaks and valleys. The trail itself has minimal technicality, but there are small obstacles like rocks, roots, and possible (mud) water pockets in the trail. No river crossings. The Northern third of the trail is open to wider vehicles - from the main road until maybe a quarter mile past the switchbacks - with large campsites scattered all along the way. Great area to park/camp and take the ATV's and dirt bikes up on the trail.


Think mountain bike trail: small rocks, roots, inclines/declines, etc. It's not difficult but it is uneven with those little obstacles here and there - not a smooth dirt trail. Again, only open to 50" or less.

Technical Rating