ZigZag Canyon

Total Miles


1,500.91 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

ZigZag Canyon at Osbourne Mountain is a moderate trail that, while not technically difficult, is not for the faint of suspension or bald tires. Starting off smoothly on well-graded forest roads, climb FSR #8410 to the Teeley Creek Trailhead, catching peekaboo views of Mt. Rainier rising in the distance, then continue straight on. Bearing left at the next fork, the trail climbs steeply up a rocky incline, 2WD beware. Beyond this point, the trail grows narrow, hugging tightly along the slopes of Osbourne Mountain, and zigzags its way upwards. Watch out for rockfalls and loose boulders blocking the edges of the road, creating chokepoints. This portion of the trail offers scenic views of changing Fall colors, and the occasional rocky spire jutting into the sky. Close to the top, steeper climbs rise before you, and fallen logs narrow the path further before the trail finally terminates at a group campsite with views of Mt. Rainier and the Central Cascades.


Steep, rocky climbs will challenge your traction, while large loose rocks in the trail will bar low clearance vehicles from proceeding to the top.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Sara Cannon
May 07, 2023
Deep Snow

Access Description

Take FR52/Kernahan Road East from National Park Highway, then follow FR84 to the 8410 spurs.

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