West Shady Pass to Big Hill

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2,076.37 ft



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Spring, Summer

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Big Hill is one of the best campsites in Washington. 360 degree views cover both the Chelan Mountains and Lake Chelan with some of the most incredible sunrises and sunsets you'll ever experience. The cabin at the top of Big Hill is open to the public but there is also a flat area for tents. The Forest Service also refers to the peak of this hill as "the phonebooth" as there is about a 10' by 10' area of cell reception (assuming you stand up tall and don't move around too much). Be sure to keep an eye out for wildfires during summer and report any smoke you see as Big Hill gives you a very long view and you may well be the first to see a new fire. The road up Shady Pass is a well maintained dirt with plenty of dust but minimal washboarding and potholes. The road off of Shady Pass to Big Hill is rougher with sharp rocks and narrow sections but overall accessible to vehicles with moderate ground clearance.

Photos of West Shady Pass to Big Hill

West Shady Pass to Big Hill
West Shady Pass to Big Hill
West Shady Pass to Big Hill


The road from Shady Pass to Big Hill has sections of sharp rocks but none are large enough to cause problems for most stock vehicles.

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Garnet S
Aug 01, 2023

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