Capitol Forest Tour

Total Miles


717.17 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This is an easy trail if you stay on the main tracks. Mostly gravel roads, with some parts asphalt mixed into odd places. There are plenty of places to venture off the main track and find mud, tight technical spots and some camp areas. It gets tight and slippery back there, advise going with another vehicle or have self recovery gear. Once you get to the T intersection after the mudhole, turn around and go back through again, the 2 trails end. Or go back there for a camp spot. Note: Full size trucks not advisable through there, you will have body damage near the entrance, it's pretty tight. There is also a quarry set up for shooting, you will find plenty of brass and shotgun shells all over, sadly, not many people pick up their garbage or shells. Trail pretty basic and easy. Go up and explore, there are beautiful views! The gate getting to Capitol Peak was closed this time around. The trail is dusty in the fall, go during the winter for some fun snow runs.


The way point "Mudhole" will require 4wd, and HIGHLY recommend another vehicle for recovery or a winch if you don't have lockers. There is a few tight semi technical spots on this short side run.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Trailhead is easy to find in either direction. You can run it either direction. Waddle Creek Rd in Olympia will get you one way, or my preferred is Hwy 8, turn into the ORV Park, and follow the A-line right on up into the forest.