Westside Road

Total Miles


2,484.43 ft


2.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is a great beginner trail full of hiking, camping and hunting opportunities. The trail is about 28 miles with moderate traffic. There are a plethora of spurs that lead to ATV trails, other trails and camping spots. The road begins past the gas station in High Rolls. Take a right hand turn at Westside Road and follow the winding road past the houses until the pavement ends. At all Y intersections, keep left to stay on the road. The trail ends with a steep ascent and amazing views of Lincoln National Forest and back to Sacramento River Road less than 20 miles back to Cloudcroft.

Photos of Westside Road

Westside Road
Westside Road
Westside Road


The majority of the trail is easy when dry and there is a steep grade at the beginning or ending of the trail depending on which direction you travel. When snow or rain is present, there may be some sketchy areas with steep grades and steep narrow drop-offs.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Matt Hinkle
Apr 06, 2024
2023 GMC Canyon
Easy trail with everything passable. I would recommend airing down for comfort, although not necessary to complete the trail.

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