Laborcita Canyon

Total Miles


2453.57 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Laborcita Canyon Road is located in Lincoln National Forest, just Northeast of La Luz, NM. This trail runs North-South through the National Forest. The trail starts on pavement then turns to dirt about a mile in. Cottonwood Flat trail intersects with Laborcita Canyon at about 3.7 miles. Laborcita Canyon Road gets steadily worse the further you go, but the trail ranges from rough dirt, loose rocks, a couple of mud holes, and a short grade of large rocks to crawl over. It is lightly technical towards the end, but most of the trail is easy to do with most offroad-capable vehicles. This trail is an out and back with poor cell phone reception so download your maps before you go. It does keep going after the marked trail on the map, although it is unknown how much further it goes.


This trail was completed during the Winter. Snow and Rain will raise the difficulty of this trail due to some of the steep grades, mud and tall rocks.

Technical Rating


Access Description

This trail is easy to find, just take Laborcita Canyon Road until you reach a yellow house. The dirt road begins there at the yellow house (see photo where the pavement ends).