Five Mile Pass

Total Miles


2,130.90 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Five Mile Pass is an unmaintained trail that tracks one of several valleys in the area with some changes in elevation and great views. The road is primarily dirt and rock, with some rock gardens towards the eastern portion. Signs of light maintenance at the middle of the trail, possibly by local ranchers, but very muddy areas when wet. There are several spots on the trail where evidence of water runoff has been present and may introduce shallow water crossings after rain or snow runoff, however, some of the larger runoffs showed signs of water that may have reached above 12" in depth. While dry the trail is easy and accessible by most 4x4 or 4WD vehicles. With snow, better tires will be necessary as the surface turned to slick mud quickly with the rocks becoming iced over. The trail does offer some lines that are slightly more difficult with ruts and larger rocks, these should be avoided by unmodified vehicles during snow or rain. The road is wide enough for two vehicles or passing with some areas of the trail being only one vehicle wide with no place to pass. There is a heavy presence of cattle in the area, however, vehicle traffic was minimal with only a couple of ranchers on SxS. Only one gate on the eastern side of the trail just before the end clearly marked "please keep closed". Overall the trail is a good mix of terrain and obstacles making for a good beginner trail in dry conditions. There is very little cell phone service through the trail with the signal becoming stronger towards either end where it intersects Hale Lake Trail.

Photos of Five Mile Pass

Five Mile Pass
Five Mile Pass
Five Mile Pass


Potential water crossings in muddy low lying areas, with signs of previous water runoff possibly exceeding 12" in some areas. Rutted muddy areas less than 12" in depth. Rock gardens with rock ledges less than 12". Snow conditions make trail difficult to track in areas, cause rock gardens and mud to become very slick.

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Status Reports

Taco With Tires
Jul 01, 2023

Access Description

The trail can be accessed either east or west off of Hale Lake Trail. Accessing from the West and heading east will provide a climb up a few small rock gardens while accessing from the east will provide a decent down them. Trail entrance can be found roughly 6.5 miles in coming from the eastern side of Hale Lake or approximately 5 miles from the west entrance of Hale Lake.

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