Total Miles


2766.25 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Pumphouse is one of the first offroad trails south of Cloudcroft, NM just off of Highway 130. Turning onto Apache Canyon road, the trailhead is located just over 1/2 mile to the east and is the only full-size vehicle trail. The trail is just over single vehicle width at the beginning and slowly tapers down to a single-vehicle width with room to pass in most areas. The surface is well maintained and a combination of dirt and rocks with no large obstacles making it easily accessible for most vehicles including some 2WDs with good clearance. While there are no large surface/rock formation obstacles, minor rockfalls, and downed trees are common throughout this area and can impede on the trail, so be prepared. Views are limited due to thick tree coverage with only a small area towards the end giving a more open glimpse of the surrounding area. There are several areas for dispersed camping throughout, some along the trail and a few more secluded that are tucked behind the tree line. Cell service fluctuates through the trail. There are several designated hiking trails through this area, as well as some additional motorized trails. Wildlife is abundant with deer and elk frequently crossing the route. The trail dead ends in a small open area with plenty of room to turn around or camp. Snowfall can be substantial during the winter in this area and can make the trail impassable.


Trail does have some areas of loose rocks and minor rutting due to water runoff as well as mud that 2WD vehicles will find difficult to traverse. Downed trees and minor rockfalls are to be expected in the area and during winter, the snow can cause the trail to become impassable.

Technical Rating