Cactus Canyon

Total Miles


2,096.97 ft


1.25 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Cactus Canyon is an out-and-back spur trail that kicks off at Eagle Lakes. Starting higher in elevation on a smoother dirt surface, the trail changes quickly after passing through the one gate roughly 1 mile from the beginning. The trail is single-vehicle wide, with room to pass within the first mile. Once through the gate, the surface becomes very rocky as the descent into the canyon begins. The main descent is roughly 15% grade on a loose rocky surface, with rock gardens and loose rocks larger than 12". Once in the lower areas of the canyon, the surface is a combination of rocky areas and some softer dirt. There are several potential water crossings in the area, and signs of previous water flow measure just over 12" in depth, but this area is also prone to flash-flooding so proceed with caution in wet seasons. The trail narrows in areas due to part of the trail being in a runoff bed and some foliage overgrowth. Rutting is present and will become worse after rain or snow, some short off-camber sections are present at lower sections of the canyon. There is no cell service after the initial descent into the canyon and little room to turn around in most areas. The trail does end at a private business boundary that is tethered off with signage, so be sure the vehicle used is capable of making both the initial descent and climb out. 4X4 vehicles with a lift and good tires are recommended due to the size of obstacles and decent/ascent angle in and out of the canyon. There are areas that will cater for dispersed camping before dropping into the canyon, and more towards the end of the trail in the lower sections of the canyon.

Photos of Cactus Canyon

Cactus Canyon
Cactus Canyon
Cactus Canyon


You'll find large loose rocks, some in excess of 12". Steep grade on loose rocky surface. Potential for water crossings in excess of 12". Potential for soft mud and deeper ruts. Little room to pass/turnaround in some areas.

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Status Reports

Emilio Salcido
Jan 19, 2024
Trail ends near US 70 onto private property, need to turn and backtrack the same way you came in.

Access Description

The trail begins approximately 5.3 miles from the east entrance of Eagle Lakes.

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