GRT/FS201: Guadalupe Rim Trail

Total Miles


2197.88 ft


3.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

GRT/FS201: Guadalupe Rim Trail is an extremely rocky trail featuring large rock gardens, areas with large loose rocks, heavy brush and overgrowth and spectacular views. Obstacles can be in excess of 20" with various lines to choose from in certain areas. Portions of the out and back trail feature steep grades of 15% or more. Loose rocks can be found throughout and even in some off-camber sections towards the eastern portion with many of them being large and sharp. The trail is primarily single vehicle wide with only a few areas offering room to pass. The Dark Canyon Lookout Observation Site can be found approximately 6 miles in from the start of the trail, and is a great piece of history. The area at the observation tower provides wide open views. Towards the eastern end of the trail, brush overgrowth is heavy and no sign of maintenance present. The last section of the trail, approx. 1 mile from the end, will be extremely difficult to complete due to what appears to be a washout on an extremely steep decent. The downward slope is approximately 21%-22% grade with a rock formation that is sheer-faced and over 30 inches in height from its base. The surface on this portion is extremely loose rock with very large obstacles and should only be attempted by very heavily modified vehicles.


Youll find obstacles in excess of 20", large loose rocks, steep grades and very rocky surface. The trail is slightly off camber sections on loose rocks and thick brush.

Technical Rating