Gold Bar Road

Total Miles


1,442.58 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail starts out easy with a graded two-lane washboard dirt road by the private Big Red Art Barn. Look, but please don't touch. It also appears people camp in the parking lot by the many fire rings scattered about. Technically it's BLM land, so It could be allowed. Always e sure to check with the local ranger station to be sure. A ways past the barn, the trail climbs into the hills and narrows to a solid 2 trail with small washouts and one lane. A few lite sharp rocky sections present themselves as well. The trail ends on the hillside below the main mine, and to continue, one would need to do so on foot. There are expansive views of the valley below and full 3G Verizon service that fades in and out. This trail ends within the Death Valley National Park, be sure to observe all the park rules and stay on the trail.


Washboard graded in the lower section ends with an easy two-track and small hill climb.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

CJ Maurer
Jun 25, 2023

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