Billy Bob

Total Miles


1741.04 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

From the start of Twister, or the top of Twister back down to Billy Bob, head up the canyon. At the fork, you will be presented with a choice; to the left is Billy Bob, to the right continues through Twister. For added fun, complete Twister and head back to Billy Bob. Both trails are advanced and require a capable rig (if on 4 wheels) and some skill to navigate. Very large boulders adorn the trail, and the loose dirt presents an added challenge. The trail is relatively short but packed with excitement. It is recommended vehicles have AT LEAST 33" tires. Preferably larger, or accompanied by experience with rock crawling. To reach the top of Billy Bob rewards you with an amazing view of both Reno and Sparks. For added fun, complete the trail at night and earn a colorful view of the cities.


Large rocks, shifty dirt, and sharp edges all present a challenge on the trail. Beginners are not advised. Body damage may occur. Even experienced drivers may find some challenge due to the "slipperiness" of the dirt.

Technical Rating