Beaver Dam Road

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1,843.16 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is the primary road into Beaver Dam State Park, located not too far from the Nevada/Utah border. This lightly-visited Nevada State Park is well worth the time to visit, and depending on when you go, it is quite possible that you may have the entire park to yourself! Once you turn off Nevada Highway 93, the first 1.25 miles or so are paved. But after that ends, the remaining 26 miles are hard-packed dirt. The road itself is not difficult as graders are frequently used to maintain a road condition that virtually any type of vehicle can traverse so there really is little need for airing down, even though you may think more than 25 miles of dirt would warrant it! Expect to encounter some light washboarding, and there are some ruts in a handful of areas where tires sunk into the mud and left some deep tracks that solidified in the sun. You'll want to use some caution as there are several blind crests and hairpin corners, but those are the only real obstacles. During periods of heavy rains (or snow), the road could become slippery and muddy, so caution is urged in the winter or summer thunderstorm season. The park sits at more than 5,000 feet in elevation and is a mix of high desert sagebrush and pine trees. There are several streams and waterfalls that run through the park and a couple of dedicated trails for smaller OHVs. Camping is readily available at two established campgrounds and one primitive walk-in one. Beaver Dam State Park is a Designated Watchable Wildlife Area, so keep an eye open for mule deer, coyotes, foxes, rabbits, squirrels, and more! While the road itself is not challenge for off-roading, the payoff at the end with a visit to Beaver Dam State Park is worth the drive.


This dirt road is regularly maintained and accessible by most any 2- or 4-wheel vehicle. During periods of heavy rains (or snow) the road could become slippery and muddy, so caution is urged in the winter or summer thunderstorm season.

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Access Description

Beaver Dam Road is located off Nevada Highway 93. The Park itself is around a 4 hour drive from Las Vegas, or two hours from either Cedar City, Utah or St. George, Utah.

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