Skyline Mine Spur

Total Miles


1984.61 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This 4-mile track connects Elkhorn Road to Skyline Mine Trail in the Deerlodge National Forest. You turn off of Elkhorn Road near Tacoma Gulch and basically travel northeast to a high point of 6500 feet. There is some downed timber in this forest, and at times, you may have to move a fallen tree to get by. Carrying a saw, a snatch block, as well as a tow rope, and other recovery equipment is a good idea. The scenery is beautiful. The views are amazing. This forest is home to deer, elk, and bears. If you are here in the early springtime, you may encounter snow and/or mud. After heavy rain, it will be muddy. Plan ahead by bringing extra fuel and plenty of water and snacks.


Early in the springtime you may encounter snow and/or mud on this trail. After a heavy rain, it will be muddy. Other than possible downed trees, there aren't too many obstacles to navigate.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From Townsend, you take the Boulder to Toston Black Sage Pass Trail to Elkhorn Road and take a right. Follow Elkhorn Road to the Skyline Mine Trail. From Skyline Mine, you can take either exit onto this trail. From Boulder, you take the McCarty Creek Trail to the Skyline Mine Trail. Take a left on Skyline Mine and then a right on this track.