Pilgrim Creek Trail

Total Miles


1854.74 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This route is a split difficulty trail, with the section from the warming hut to the top being a solid level Four difficulty and the section from the warming hut to the bottom mostly a 3. The upper, more difficult section has a narrow rocky shelf portion with a treacherous fall to the bottom if one isn't paying attention. There are loose rocky transitions with some slight off-camber sections. There are a few dispersed camp spots near the top, primarily big enough for a single rig. The lower section is more accessible and has some decent-sized pullouts. Again, there are a few shelf sections but more room to get around oncoming traffic as it works its way to the bottom. No camping was noticed along this section. There's a pit toilet near the warming hut, which was under construction at the time of recording. There is only one bar cell service at the very top.


The upper section difficulty is rocky and narrow with a steep dropoff, be aware of sidewall damage. The dropoff would be super steep. The rest of the trail is narrow, with potholes and some larger washboards.

Technical Rating