West Fork Park Creek Ascent

Total Miles


3445 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail ascends from the Park Creek Valley up into the mountains around it. The trail starts by crossing Park Creek, and then follows the West Fork ascending to the rim above. The road features mountain views as you ascend through the pine forest. The trail itself is relatively easy, with a couple of mild rock gardens and an easy water crossing. Airing down will make the rocky portions more pleasant, but is not essential to completing the trail.CAUTION: the road continues on beyond the end of the marked portion. However, this road is not on the MVUM for this area as of 2021. Please respect the Forest Service rules and stick to the allowed trails.


This trail is not super difficult, but the water crossing at the start is sensitive to changing weather conditions. Additionally, the rock gardens will shake you up a bit, depending on how your suspension is setup. Washouts are present on the trail year round. Most vehicles with low range should be capable of reaching the top.

Technical Rating