Piedra Road-Fr Rd 631

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3,130.64 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Piedra road will lead you north out of Pagosa Springs past the airport and a few neighborhoods. It eventually turns into a forest service road with two large parking areas and trailheads at the beginning. Here you can park your trailers for ATV or 6x6s and air down or up. The road will take you to the Williams Reservoir, several USFS campgrounds, primitive dry campsites and along Wieminuche Valley before turning hard left and heading up the switchbacks to 10,271 feet and several trails including the Coldwater Creek trail. At the end of the road is a large meadow with multiple disturbed primitive campsites. There are scenic views all along the drive up. A few areas to watch out for with their steep inclines and turns.

Photos of Piedra Road-Fr Rd 631

Piedra Road-Fr Rd 631
Piedra Road-Fr Rd 631
Piedra Road-Fr Rd 631


This road starts out as a maintained gravel road until you make a hard left after passing through Wieminuche Valley. Then the road will narrow with several switchbacks as you climb in elevation. In places a mild ruts and potholes. Watch your speed on these turns, cars have been known to go over when driving too fast.

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Status Reports

James Cathey
Sep 27, 2023

Access Description

Piedra Road starts in Pagosa Springs off of highway 160. It also has the highway number 600 in the beginning. Signs directing you to the airport are the correct road take. When you reach the large parking lots on both sides of the road, you have arrived, entering the San Juan National Forest.

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