Argentine Pass

Total Miles


4,024.91 ft


3.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is an out-and-back trail; the back side of Argentine Pass is limited to foot traffic for descending down into Peru Creek. The trail begins right outside Georgetown on Guanella Pass. Begin up FS 248.1 right next to a beautiful waterfall, and be sure to take some pictures. The trail has some small rock obstacles in the first quarter mile. If you can navigate these rocks, you'll be able to complete the trail. The trail crosses a beautiful stream with good waterfall pictures and dispersed camping spots. The trail will continue up a few switchbacks, then head into some aspen groves, great for fall viewing. This is the longest stretch of the trail with dispersed camping spots throughout. You'll exit the aspens at the Waldorf Mine site. At the Waldorf site, you'll have a couple of options to either continue up Argentine Pass or head up McClellan Mountain. The trail becomes slightly more difficult going up Argentine Pass with larger rock obstacles, but there is a bypass. There's a tight switchback towards the top, upon the final ascent. Look for vehicles coming down and wait for them because the trail gets narrow. Once you ascend the top of Argentine Pass, you'll have a spectacular view of multiple 14ers and Peru Creek.


There are large rocks requiring high ground clearance. This is off-camber driving. There are tight switchbacks and it's narrow.


Waldorf Mine site hosted the highest post office in the U.S. (no longer there). In the late 1890s, a railroad would take tourists to the Waldorf Mine and later up McClennan Mountain to the former Ice Palace, an old mining tunnel filled with ice.

Technical Rating


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Toyota George
Dec 15, 2023

Access Description

Begin in Georgetown, Colorado, heading up Guanella Pass. Continue up the tight paved switchbacks for about 2.5 miles. The last switchback swings left and on the right will be a small staging area to air down, informational viewing signs, and the entrance on the right to FS 248.1.

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