Boulder Canyon

Total Miles


2,076.77 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Take your off-road experience to the extreme! This is one of seven rock crawling trails located just a few miles west of Montrose, Colorado, in the Dry Creek Rock Crawling (DCRC) area of the Uncompahgre Plateau. Vehicles using these "Full Sized Trails" are required to display an Off-Highway Vehicle Pass.The trail starts a few hundred yards off of 90 Road and heads up a small canyon. There are a couple of small obstacles in the first few hundred feet. If you have trouble with these, walk ahead and take a look. The next few hundred yards are littered with monster boulders, off-camber climbs, and huge holes. The trail gets easier for several hundred yards until you get to "The Waterfall", a 10 to 12-foot high shelf that will get your motor runnin'. Your blood pressure will return to normal as you take a short drive in the canyon to a left turn that takes you to the top. Turn left to return to Rim Road. These rock crawling trails are beyond our capability so we have not recorded tracks for any of the actual trails - only for the roads that access them. The track at the end of this page was taken from Google Earth. It should be very close.I walked a short distance into each trail to get a photo of one obstacle to include on this website. The obstacle pictured may or may not be the hardest, but it is the closest.

Photos of Boulder Canyon

Boulder Canyon


Large rock obstacles and a huge ledge

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