Off-Road Trails in Sedona

Off-roading is one of the best ways to see Sedona. With an easily accessible network of trails close to town, there is plenty to explore whether you are in a full width vehicle, side-by-side, or on a dirt bike or ATV. Enjoy spectacular views of red rock canyons and sweeping valleys while exploring off-pavement.

Off Road Trails Sedona

Best Off Road Trails in Sedona

Those who have been to Sedona know the difficulty of summing up the awe-inspiring desert into words. The sublime red rock scenery and evergreen vegetation attracts people from all over. The sense of seclusion and vibrancy of the natural colors makes this part of the world a truly magnificent place to escape the clutter of everyday life. Sedona reminds us why we fell in love with the outdoors in the first place. 

Why Off-Road in Sedona?

Sedona is not just a stellar place to explore on foot but behind the wheel as well. Outstanding views, serene landscapes, and exhilarating trails allow off-roaders to step on the gas pedal for a unique experience. Off-roading in Sedona offers a fresh new way to appreciate the iconic area. 

We took into consideration scenery, accessibility, and what users are saying, to provide a list of  the best off-road trails in Sedona.

Broken Arrow 

Looking like the cover of a magazine, Broken Arrow is a visually stunning trail that doesn’t go forgotten. Broken Arrow is known as one of the most popular trails in the area. Breathtakingly towering red rock formations give the trail a mesmerizing feel. This trail is one of the more difficult ones in Sedona with its narrow and steep nature at times. Extra long and extra wide vehicles should avoid this trail. Those who arrive early enough can see the incredible sunrise over the Mogollon Rim cliffs. Broken Arrow is not a trail that off-roaders will find particularly long but very much worth going to. 

House Mountain Trail

A lesser known yet fulfilling trail, House Mountain Trail is one of the most rewarding in the area. At the top of the trail there’s a  360-degree view of Sedona’s red rocks that off-roaders live for. The trail is not for beginners but not exclusively for experts either. The first part of the trail is relatively smooth. Later, House Mountain Trail presents moderate obstacles such as ruts and slight tippy spots. Off-roaders who crave the perfect photo to sum up their trip will get that opportunity on theHouse Mountain Trail.

Outlaw Trail

With noteworthy history and the seclusion many yearn for, Outlaw Trail grants off-roaders some rich dimensions. The trail starts off at the Honanki Indian Heritage Site and continues through the Coconino National Forest in the form of a ranching road. Ancient Indian ruins along with views of Mingus Mountain and other mountain ranges pay tribute to history while providing a captivating off-roading experience. This loop trail is mostly easy with the exception of a couple steep and rocky areas. Outlaw Trail very much lives up to its name by allowing off-roaders to immerse themselves in beautiful scenery without the rest of the world watching.

Schnebly Hill Road

Captivating red rock buttes and fruitful forest scenery help make Schnebly Hill Road one of the more welcoming trails for off-roaders in the area. While the road is a little bumpy, it is an easy trail overall that less experienced off-roaders can enjoy.  Schnebly Hill Road offers access to many hiking trails for off-roaders who want to do some human-powered adventuring. Side roads give this trail more to explore as well. Tourists from all over come to the trail which gives it a sense of community. Off-roaders who love meeting new people and discovering wonderful new scenery should add Schnebly Hill Road to their list. 

Soldier Pass

Off-roaders who need a break from life’s hassles will appreciate the seclusion of Soldier Pass. The trail begins near a neighborhood but quickly turns into a remote experience. At the start of the trail, off-roaders will see Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole, which is a giant sinkhole that appeared in the  1800s and measures over 150 feet in width. The trail also features the Seven Sacred Pools, indentations left in the red rocks that resemble pools after collecting rain. Soldier Pass Trail also includes arches, caves and traces of Indian life. It is important to note that this trail is rather difficult with very tight and steep obstacles. 

Oak Creek Homestead

Oak Creek Homestead is a trail full of surprises. You’ll off-roading through beautiful red rock gardens  and conclude  at a calming creek Most of Oak Creek Homestead is fit for all skill levels, however one part of the trail is better suited for more experienced off-roaders. Take a break from behind the wheel and finish your trip with a  relaxing hike down the creek. The trail is also popular among horseback riders. 

Devil’s Bridge

Off-roaders who traverse Devil’s Bridge to Van Deren Cabin are rewarded with one of the most stunning trails in the area. This is not the place to forget your camera. A brief yet memorable hike will take you to gorgeous views of the desert. This trail is mostly easy, but there are sections that  could be  too rocky for some.

Greasy Spoon

Hidden in the spectacular Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness, Greasy Spoon will not disappoint. The trail consists of small ledges, large rocks, washes of vastly different sizes, and  corridor road takes off-roaders to various side roads. The hills give off-roaders the sense they’re on a roller coaster. Camping is also available for RVs and campers at the south end. This should not be considered a trail for beginners. Greasy Spoon is a trail that will leave off-roaders wanting to come back.

Red Rock Powerline

Despite being a powerline, this road is still worth the trip. You can travel toSugarloaf Mountain for some remarkable mountain views. Living up to its name, Red Rock Powerline features some staggering red rocks for your eyes to behold.While a majority of the road is easy there are a few very steep and ledgy areas that make it one of the more  difficult trails in the area. Experienced off-roaders seeking a visually rewarding challenge will not want to miss out on Red Rock Powerline.