onX Hunt Elite Mossy Oak Turkey Academy
Chapter 3 – Scouting and Sign


Finding and being able to read turkey sign is a skill that takes years of experience to really understand and become proficient at. In this chapter we pull that information out of over 100 years of combined turkey hunting experience to shorten your learning curve. We will break down different types of sign such as tracks, scat, scratching, and strut marks as well as how to determine if this sign was left by a hen or gobbler.

You’ll also learn what to look for from a mapping perspective to find more turkeys. Such as habitat diversity and how you can use the layers within onX Hunt to quickly identify these areas long before you ever set foot on the property. As well as understanding topography and how turkeys utilize the landscape to put yourself in more favorable positions.

Lastly, you’ll learn to utilize multiple tools within onX Hunt that will aid in putting all the pieces of a turkey hunt together in order to tote a longbeard out of the woods.


Dive in depth with both Mossy Oak and onX Hunt on how you can get prepared for your most successful turkey season yet. With tips for both boots on the ground and e-scouting this course will help you distinguish gobbler vs hen sign, what this sign means when it comes to hunting, what to look for on a map to locate more gobblers and tools within the Hunt App to make you more efficient in the woods.

  1. Tracks, Scratching, Scat, Strut Marks
  2. Locating Turkey Habitat and Using Topography to Your Advantage
  3. In-depth Turkey Tools