A hunter setting up on a turkey during a turkey hunt

onX Hunt Elite Mossy Oak Turkey Academy
Chapter 4 – Set-Up Tactics


So often in the turkey woods your set-up will make or break your hunt. Understanding the nuances of a good set-up versus a sub-par one takes years of experience screwing up hunts. We want to shorten your learning curve so those close encounters turn into turkey on the table. 

The Mossy Oak crew goes in-depth into some of the details that can often be overlooked when you are in the heat of the moment working a hot gobbler. From predicting that turkeys path toward you, using natural elements, like shade to your advantage and some deadly partner calling tactics to get more birds in gun range.


The way you set-up on a turkey will ultimately be the final factor in getting a shot opportunity at a longbeard. The in-depth knowledge shared in this chapter will help you make the right choice on your hunts this spring.

  1. Cover, Noise and Camo
  2. High Ground, Getting Comfortable and Calling Through