onX Hunt Elite Mossy Oak Turkey Academy
Chapter 2 – Patterning Your Shotgun and Safety


Patterning your turkey gun is a key step in preparation that can be overlooked. Many longbeards have been missed at no fault of the shooter other than lack of preparation. Take an hour and ensure all the time and effort you spend to get an opportunity isn’t squandered by lack of preparedness. Learn the basics of exactly what you should be doing well ahead of season ensuring a dense pellet count at your max range to make certain you take lethal, ethical shots when the opportunity presents itself.

Beyond that, we’ll teach you about a few precautions you can take to ensure your safety is at the forefront of all your hunts this spring. Such as not wearing any bright red, blue or white articles of clothing that could be mistook for a gobblers head, having visible hunters orange when toting out a bird and the precautions that should be taken when running decoys, especially on public ground.


Chapter 2 is also built for the novice hunter but both patterning your shotgun and understanding how to hunt safely in the spring woods are crucial pieces of knowledge for every hunter.

  1. How to Pattern Your Shotgun
  2. Safety in the Turkey Woods