onX Hunt Elite Mossy Oak Turkey Academy
Chapter 1 – Turkey Terminology


The foundation of turkey hunting starts by learning and understanding all the different terminology you’ll hear when chatting amongst the turkey community. These actions, vocalizations and behaviors will be the foundation to the rest of Turkey Academy as these describe a multitude of details that will become the foundation to build your turkey knowledge on. From descriptions of behaviors like roosting and strutting, breaking down the greatest sound in the natural world, the turkey gobble, to diving into how these birds feed and use different parts of the natural landscape to thrive in the environments they inhabit. This chapter will be the foundation for new turkey hunters. If you’ve long been a turkey hunter you can likely go ahead and skip this chapter as we are simply covering the basics. Learn to talk-the-talk in regards to all things wild turkeys.


Turkey terminology is built for the beginning turkey hunter. Learn to talk-the-talk as we cover the most common phrases and behaviors you’ll hear and encounter in the spring woods.

  1. Roost, Strut and Drumming
  2. All things Gobbles
  3. Dusting, Scratching and Bugging