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We sat down with onX Ambassador Remi Warren to learn more about his preseason e-scouting routine using the onX Hunt Web Map and Hunt App.

Watch the four short videos below to find out how Remi makes the most of his time before the season in order to put the odds in his favor once he’s in the mountains.

Go from Web Map to Hunt App with the onX System.

E-Scouting for Archery Elk With Remi Warren: Getting Started

Remi explains the distinguishing factors he looks for when e-scouting elk habitat.

Quick tips:

  • How to narrow your scouting space from large to small
  • How to find key habitat features: food, water, and cover
  • Note trails and access

E-Scouting for Archery Elk With Remi Warren: Using Topography

Now that you’ve narrowed down to your hunting area, Remi walks through how he uses topographic features that elk use daily for safety and security.

Quick tips:

  • Learn the terrain in large swaths of timber
  • Finds areas where elk feel safe and secure, including bedding areas
  • Look for other features elk seek, and how they move through the landscape

E-Scouting for Archery Elk With Remi Warren: Honing in on Habitat

Remi dives into the onX Hunt App Layers to narrow his search a step beyond topography, looking for places that tell a better story of the area for which he’s searching.

Quick tips:

  • Use the Historic Wildfire Layer to see how productive a burn area might be
  • The dates in burn areas can show you how clear the terrain may present
  • The Wilderness Layer shows areas where you can get away from road traffic and many people

E-Scouting for Archery Elk With Remi Warren: Using Map Tools

Remi walks hunters through Waypoints and other Map Tools, so you can mark points of interest and certain areas you want to note or remember.

Quick tips:

  • Use Waypoints in one color to mark places elk might be found, then use Web Map to look for possible glassing vantages, which you can then mark with a Waypoint of another color
  • Add notes and details in your Waypoints so, once you’re in the field, you have all your notes right on the map in the Hunt App
  • Download an Offline Map before leaving home, so you have all your saved maps and Waypoints on your phone in the field
  • The Line Distance Tool can help you measure distance, giving a picture of what to expect when glassing

Remi recently also offered insight on his best preseason bow-shooting tactics, and how he uses topography to find elk.

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Jess McGlothlin

Before taking the role of onX Communications Writer, Jess McGlothlin worked as a freelance photographer and writer in the outdoor and fly-fishing industries. While on assignment in the past few years she’s learned how to throw spears at coconuts in French Polynesia, dodge saltwater crocodiles in Cuba, stand-up paddleboard down Peruvian Amazon tributaries and eat all manner of unidentifiable food.