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WoodHaven Custom Calls

Two Mouth Calls with purchase of select Pot Call

WoodHaven was built from my burning desire to be the best turkey hunter I could be! The woods were my classroom. Mother nature and the wild turkeys were my best teachers!  Full of ideas and a hobby, what had started back in the late 1980’s in my grandparents’ basement as a dream, was about to become an incorporated business entering into the game call industry.  20 plus years ago, the first line in my business plan was “to build the very best turkey calls, period”. I wanted top of the line in every facet of the company. I knew I could build great products and put them into a nice package and deliver them to you, our great customers, with superior customer service. Superior products and great customer service is what has become known as the “Woodhaven way”! – Mike Pentecost, WoodHaven Custom Calls Owner/President

onX Employee Testimonial

“When using Woodhaven Custom Calls the passion and quality is noticeable in every call. Each call is user friendly to get those authentic hen sounds. From mouth calls to glass calls, I’m getting a great sounding call to give me the best chance possible. That’s why I will always trust Woodhaven Custom Calls.”

Brandon M., GIS
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