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In 1903, Frank August Hoppe mixed nine chemicals and created the world’s most effective gun cleaner. As a well-trained young soldier, Frank knew that gun care went far beyond just a clean rifle, but actually helped to ensure his safety while on the front lines of battle. Since that time, Hoppe’s has emerged as the leading gun care company, having grown along-side hunters, shooters, and soldiers who depend on their firearms every day.

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Ben Brettingen – onX Hunt

“Hoppe’s has been a staple in every hunter’s household for the last century, and it’s what keeps my shotguns and rifles going year-round. I keep a Boresnake and the Boresnake CLP All-In-One cleaner, lubricant, and protector in my blind bag, vest, truck, and home because you never know when you’ll need it. For me, Hoppe’s is synonymous with reliability.”

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