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onX Hunt Elite Partner: Tethrd

Tethrd is a team of saddle hunting fanatics with an addiction to whitetail hunting. Tethrd seeks to accomplish two missions—spreading the love for saddle hunting to the sportsman community and designing and engineering the world’s best saddle hunting equipment. If it doesn’t make the saddle hunting community better, they won’t do it. Because our community is a niche component of the greater hunting industry, the availability of saddle-specific gear and innovation was severely lacking. Tethrd solved this problem by designing, engineering, and producing the stealthiest, safest, and most mobile elevated hunting gear on the planet. Get connected with Tethrd.

Early Access and Exclusive Deals

  • Up to 30% Off Exclusive Saddle Bundles
  • Early Access to New Product Launches

Ultralight hunting redefined. Quality gear can be hard to get your hands on. That’s why, as an onX Elite Member, you get first dibs on new product launches from Tethrd as well as pricing you can’t find anywhere else.

The Hunting Public

“We all love using saddles because they make us more efficient. Climbing, hanging, and moving is easier, quieter, and faster with a saddle. Whether we need to get into a tough tree or adjust our setup entirely, we can do it with our Tethrd systems.”

New Waypoint Icons for Saddle Hunters

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