Wiggins Fork

Total Miles


2619.9 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

When navigating this Forest Service Road you will find it mostly easy with views of rolling meadows to start. But the further you go the terrain changes from a maintained dirt road to one that has small ruts, switchbacks, and rocks. Nothing any 4WD or AWD vehicle can't get through. Along with the changing road conditions, the terrain will change to tall rock formations and snow peaked mountains that seem to tell the story of the Tetons just West of them. There are water crossings, but you won't get wet due to country bridges. You will pass a campground that during the season has a host and you can park and fly fish there too. In all it will take about 45 (forty five) minutes to make it to the end, but the reward is beyond describing. Just be ready to end up in an area with very large open meadows, another campground along with dispersed camping. Of course the sunrises and sunsets on these mountain peaks it amazing. Once you get to the end of this route, you can trout fish, hike, and walk the creeks to look for petrified wood that's washed down from the mountains.


Nothing really technical about this other than it's a little rough from the washboard road and occasional sections where it's a little bumpy from the rocks or ruts, You won't need 4WD to do this unless it's been raining, then it's possible it would be muddy enough.

Technical Rating


Access Description

The entrance to the road is listed as "Horse Creek Road" and it's right in town. Cell service is spotty at best in this area.