Slip Road

Total Miles


2,578.50 ft



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Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This beautiful drive connects the southern Bighorn National Forest to the small community of Mayoworth. The road's steep grades are almost as impressive as the scenery. Up high, you'll pass patchy forests, broad meadows, and rock outrcrops. The lower road is guarded by dramatic red bluffs. With broad landscapes that show little sign of human development, it's easy to imagine the area as it was when Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid roamed this country. Today, these rugged foothills are used for ranching and sheep grazing. Before making this drive, be mindful of the weather. Powerful summer thunderstorms can quickly flush out a parched creek bed and the area has a history of flooding. The upper stretch of road is prone to becoming muddy and slick, but the lower half is heavily graveled and holds up better in wet weather.


While this is typically an easy route to drive, wet conditions can cause the road to become dangerously slippery. Further, the inclines found along the switchbacks are so steep that it's possible to over heat your engine or brakes. A 4WD vehicle is recommended.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Josh Holloway
Sep 28, 2023
2016 Toyota Tundra

Access Description

From Buffalo, take HWY 16 west for 26 miles. Turn left onto Hazelton Road (CR 3). To access the road from the south, take HWY 191 north out of Kaycee for 12 miles to Mayoworth.

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