Spring Creek

Total Miles


2,255.12 ft


2.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Trail is open from May 5th to December 30th. This single-track meanders along Spring Creek, Wyoming. I would recommend starting in Idaho. The section closest to Idaho has difficult rock sections and steeper off-camber sections. There are a few places where the trail just vanishes below you. Lots of bushwhacking through overgrown choke cherry trees and long grasses. The water crossings are easy. As you get closer to Wyoming, the trail is fun and hilly and ends at a cattle corral. You will encounter plenty of cattle, wildlife, and horse trail riders. There are few cattle gates. If the gate is closed - leave it closed. If the cattle gate is open - leave it open. There is no mobile reception. Would not recommend riding here in the heat of the summer, as this canyon can get over 100 degrees.

Photos of Spring Creek

Spring Creek
Spring Creek
Spring Creek


Steep off camber. Rocky tight sections. Lots of bushwhacking. Parts of the trail have been eroded. Idaho recommends staying on trail, which means finding a way to get your bikes across a trail that has disappeared, without going off trail.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The trail can be accessed from both the Wyoming or Idaho side. I recommend starting in Idaho. Wyoming ORV permits are required. If you plan to start in Wyoming, you will drive past 'Anita Harmon' homestead on the left. Enter thru the "Private" Gate, close gate behind you. Drive down the road a bit further. Open the second gate, close the gate behind you. A big open field, with cattle corral will be on your left, past the corral starts the single track.If you are coming from Idaho, once you have completed the single track, you will have to pass by the cattle corral on your right. These gates are open from May 5th to December 30th to be able to continue into Thayne, Wyoming. Or you can just turn around and ride back on the single track back to Idaho for double the fun.

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