SR 17 Ranger/Battle Creek Road

Total Miles


2,893.89 ft


1 Hours

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Trail Overview

This trail begins at the Ranger Creek Campground area in the Bighorn National Forest. This is a great staging area if you are traveling with a group. There are restrooms located near the ranger station before you get to the trailhead. The trail consists primarily of dirt with many rocky sections and travels through forested and open valley terrain. The middle section of the trail does travel through private property, so be sure to stay on the trail through this section. Near the end of the trail, you will pass by Crooked Creek Hill and descend to the intersection with SR 271 and SR 321. At this point, you will enter back into the Bighorn National Forest. 4WD vehicles with higher clearance should not have trouble navigating this trail in dry conditions.


The trail is primarily dirt with rocky sections. Larger rocks up to 18 inches, rutting, and muddy areas can be encountered. Most rocky areas you encounter will offer multiple options to navigate that section of trail.

Technical Rating


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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The trail is located off US Highway 14 in Shell, Wyoming.

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