Long Creek Trail

Total Miles


2536.67 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail starts with a steep climb up the mountain right off the main highway. Eventually, it turns and reveals a beautiful valley and meadow. There are cute cabins dotting the valley. The trail begins to climb again after the cabins. The road is a smooth and well-maintained grated dirt surface. It passes through a section lined with trees. Cresting over a hill you see some jagged mountain peaks in the distance, resembling some similar to the Grand Tetons. The trail opens up into a few more meadows and dispersed camping sites. Signs posted state a 16-day camping limit. No facilities, pack it in pack it out. No cellular service just beautiful views


Mostly hard-packed and passable two-lane, narrows in some spots and pullouts needed for oncoming traffic, may be impassable in winter.

Technical Rating