Yakima Pass

Total Miles


1088.3 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Yakima Pass runs through the Wenatchee National Forest. It is a gravel road with a considerable amount of potholes, both big and small, so be aware that you will get tossed around. There is a 10mph speed limit at the beginning of the road that drives through private property. You will find a lot of camping on this road; a good spot is at Lost Lake Watercraft Launch; there are a couple of firepits and enough sites for large rigs or small groups. Farther down the road, you will find a few other camp spots, some of which require 4wd to get into, but the lake views are worth it. The end of the road becomes highly overgrown, washed out, and tight, and a vehicle will eventually not be able to fit. I suggest you turn around at the spot right before the road becomes rocky and washed out once you go up, there is no turning around. Eventually, it becomes so tight you can only walk the route.


A large amount of potholes, so take your time; after that the road is easy. The end of the road becomes overgrown, tight, and washed out, not recommended to continue on by mother vehicle, but you can hike, bike, or horse back.

Technical Rating