Swamp Devil Connection

Total Miles


1397.7 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

A short 3.6 mile connector trail between Devil Creek and Swamp Creek watersheds. This trail is relatively easy in dry conditions that can be traversed with a two-wheel drive vehicle with decent ground clearance. There is one steep ascent/descent (direction dependent) which is slightly off-camber that has a lot of loose, softball-sized rocks. Aside from that, there is evidence of past mud holes which would be around 12-16 inches deep after a rain event or in the early spring. The trail is narrow, barely wide enough for one vehicle, with turnout/turnaround areas every few hundred yards. Views are excellent but sporadic due to the trees shielding. Dispersed camping opportunities are plentiful but limited surface water availability.


Difficult only in wet/muddy/snowy conditions.

Technical Rating