Illabot Mainline

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Illabot Mainline is a 23-mile out-and-back gravel road located 10 minutes north of Darrington and dead-ends at several hiking trails. This trail is open to all vehicles for the first 6 miles before becoming heavily rutted and brushy; some 2WD and full-size vehicles may have a hard time past this point. Illabot features many stopping points, including views of eastern Skagit Valley and a waterfall. The Illabot Mainline passes in and out of Mount Baker National Forest and Sierra Pacific Land and Timber Company property, however, public use is allowed with some restrictions per The Illabot Mainline is an excellent trail for those looking to get their feet wet in some light offroading while getting some great views! As of 4/15/24, the Illabot Mainline is blocked at 9 miles in by significant windfall.

Photos of Illabot Mainline

Illabot Mainline
Illabot Mainline
Illabot Mainline


The first 6 miles are passable by any vehicle. After this point, Illabot becomes heavily rutted and brushy.

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The Illabot Mainline is located approximately 10 minutes north of Darrington along SR530, or a few minutes south of Rockport if approaching from Highway 20.

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