Cabin Creek Road (NF-41)

Total Miles


1,223.98 ft


0.75 Hours

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Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

As you start on Cabin Creek Road, from the Stampede Pass side, you'll begin to ascend about 900 feet over 4.5 miles that will lead you along some beautiful views looking east over the mountains and hills. Be warned though, this part of the journey does ride close to some very steep drop offs and is mainly a 1 lane road (there are frequent turnout spots to allow for passing or just to stop and take in the view). Once you get pass this section, it's a smooth downhill into the mountains. Cell signal did drop once we started going downhill, so be sure to download some offline maps. If you stay on course, you will eventually meet up with Cabin Creek as you near the end of this trail. Cabin Creek Road does continue on, but there is a blockade shortly after the NF-4110 junction (see pictures). Depending on your vehicle, you may be able to get around.

Photos of Cabin Creek Road (NF-41)

Cabin Creek Road (NF-41)
Cabin Creek Road (NF-41)
Cabin Creek Road (NF-41)


There was an abundance of potholes throughout the trail. As well as some falling rock areas.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Zachary Jarrell
Aug 18, 2023

Access Description

While Cabin Creek Road does connect to I-90 on both ends, the Stampede Pass Road exit off of I-90 is the recommended entry as the Easton side has reports of washouts a few miles in and there is a blockade further down the road (see pictures).

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