Rainbow Terrace

Total Miles


1,573.95 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Rainbow Terrace runs west along phenomenal Rainbow Rocks. Challenging rock formations and some meandering curves take you along sandy wash bottoms. The trail itself is a fun loop, but you can also combine it with the Crystal Geyser trail to complete the route featured at the Easter Jeep Safari.

Photos of Rainbow Terrace

Rainbow Terrace
Rainbow Terrace
Rainbow Terrace


This trail is challenging, approaching difficult, but not quite. It's perfect for adventurous owners of stock, high-clearance SUVs. The biggest ledge at 1.6 miles is a little tippy and may intimidate novice drivers. Smooth, consistent speed is the key.


Highlight: Rainbow Rocks (a.k.a.'The Needles') is striated with red rock layers. When the setting sun hits the massive wall of rock just right, especially after a rain, it can produce a dramatic, photogenic rainbow-like effect.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Josh Richardson
Nov 24, 2023

Access Description

From downtown Moab, head north on Hwy. 191 about 11 miles and turn left on Hwy. 313. Go about 8.5 miles west and turn right on Dubinky Well Road after overlook on left. When the road forks at 1.4 miles, bear right. Go another 5 miles and turn left on Spring Canyon Point Road. Go west 2.2 miles and turn right on a one-lane road just past distinctive Tombstone Rock.

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