Hance Hollow Road - Macon County Tour

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313.36 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Hance Hollow Road is an old county road that is now rarely used. It's a steady steep descent or climb on a narrow road with tight switchbacks. It is located in a heavily wooded area in northeastern middle Tennessee on the Macon County Tour, or M.C.T. In the fall, you'll find colorful foliage in a canopy of leaves; in the spring and summer months, you'll be in a lush forest with a high canopy. You can commonly find rutted sections, and in narrow sections, it can be washed out. There is a wall to one side and a steep drop-off on the other in areas as well--which can make it a harrowing experience for those not fond of heights.

Photos of Hance Hollow Road - Macon County Tour

Hance Hollow Road - Macon County Tour
Hance Hollow Road - Macon County Tour
Hance Hollow Road - Macon County Tour


This trail is steep and narrow with a deep drop-off to one side and a wall with trees on the other. The three switchbacks can also add a challenge. Some conditions can change the trail making it more difficult. This trail is commonly washed-out in some of the most narrow sections along with deep, off-camber ruts. This can potentially make it especially harrowing for those not fond of heights.

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Status Reports

Brandon White
Apr 05, 2024
2019 Toyota 4Runner
Hance Hallow Rd is a simple dirt road cutting through the back country to a gravel road. Downhill the trail is beyond simple, but turning around and going up it makes it a bit more difficult. It’s a 2WD trail and only worth the drive if you’re a local.

Access Description

Hance Hollow Road is a rarely used county road and can be found on GPS. It is located in the Red Boiling Springs District of Macon County, Tennessee.

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