Scooter's Loop

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269.92 ft


6 Hours

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This is a mix of gravel and dirt Forest Service roads with some creek crossings and a couple of hill climbs/descents. It's a good day trip that has a few stopping places where you can stop to eat or play in the river/creeks along the way. Be sure to be mindful of private property and not to drive down the waterways other than to cross. There are Tread Lightly signs posted at all water crossings as a reminder of this.

Photos of Scooter's Loop

Scooter's Loop
Scooter's Loop
Scooter's Loop


This can be done in 2WD during dry conditions, but minimum A/T tires and a suspension lift are recommended. Most obstacles have secondary routes or lines to avoid the more difficult options if needed.


This is one of the most popular public access trails in the West Tennessee area.

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Status Reports

Sam Dye
Apr 14, 2024
Permanently Closed
The Malone Rd portion of this route is a private property easement. It's not open to the general public. The property owners have had issues with theft, and also trail damage such as mud bogging and widening of the trails onto their properties. I've messaged a landowner and discussed the issues with him. He has put up signs, and discussed his concerns with local law enforcement. He is now recording plate numbers to report to the county as that is his only way to deal with the issue. The rest of Scooter's Loop should be still open, just not Malone Rd. Please be respectful and avoid the area.
Andrew Decker
Apr 13, 2024
2009 Lexus GX
Permanently Closed
part of this road is closed where the county road ends and an easement road starts. a local said they stopped letting people in because people were stealing stuff.
Dave Overmyer
Apr 01, 2024
2020 Toyota Tacoma
I'm doing my report late. It wasn't April 1st but that's the last day OnX will let me select. I went on Feb 26th around 11:30am. It took me about 3 hours to run the full 26 miles including 20 minutes to solo-path my way through the rocky area in the Southeast My Tacoma TRD Pro's only modification is a winch bumper and winch and I was able to do the whole loop at 33 psi without incident. Apologies to the owner(s) of Malone Road. I didn't see any posted signs and didn't figure a road with numerous homes and driveways was private. I did my best to leave no trace and actively avoided spinning my wheels. For those now wondering which portion is Malone Road, it's along the north side of the loop, to the east of McCaleb Road. Basically just east of the "Z" shape at the 1'o'clock position. It's a beautiful part of the country and I truly enjoyed my time.
Cody Harrington
Mar 29, 2024
Fun starter trail. You bounce between pavement, gravel, then chirt/dirt. 2wd would’ve been fine with AT tires. A few small water crossings, with one that was longer but on a low water bridge bottom.

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