89 - Little Braden Flat

Total Miles


702.55 ft


0.13 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Trail 89 - Little Braden Flat is a shortcut over a trail that connects G50 to G66 or the more famous Trail 51 - Panther Rock. While this trail is short at barely a half mile, it still has a few short drop-offs, a place to play in the mud, and a nice canopy of trees to find shade in the hot summer months. According to Windrock Park's Trail map, this one comes in at a "blue" difficulty and would be considered an easy "Blue". This trail will be traveled more frequently with those trying to reach Panther Rock as it saves significant time running G50 to the north end to reach Trail 51.


The entrance of this trail at G50 could be the most difficult spot after heavy rains. One additional section has one short steep step that can sneak up on you if you try to travel at a faster pace.

Technical Rating