74 - Middle Ridge

Total Miles


483.66 ft


0.25 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Trail 74 - Middle Ridge winds through to complete Trail G67 to exit you out of the park or bring you in for an adventure from HWY 116. This easy "Blue" trail, as Windrock Park identifies it, is spot on, as washouts and ruts could cause problems for those with low ground clearance but is no harder than a difficult "Green' trail for those familiar with the park. That same ground clearance is needed for tree debris that falls as this area is shady and features a canopy as you wind through the mountains. Shale and other flat rock line the bottom of the mud holes and ruts, providing a firm bottom to ease any fears of sinking, even after a decent rain.

Photos of 74 - Middle Ridge

74 - Middle Ridge
74 - Middle Ridge
74 - Middle Ridge


No major obstacles are present on this trail however there is a good potential for wheel slip in places that retain water or force you into loose rock.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Jewel Boshears
Apr 23, 2023

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