Sheep Mountain Table Road

Total Miles


997.47 ft


1 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This an easy, scenic dirt road that leads to some really cool overlooks of the south portion of Badlands National Park. It has 2 distinct sections with the first part being accessible to all vehicles and the second part only for high clearance 4WD vehicles. There are multiple places to stop and take pictures or admire the scenery and is usually not crowded, especially the second part of the trail.

Photos of Sheep Mountain Table Road

Sheep Mountain Table Road
Sheep Mountain Table Road


First half of the trail is a wide gravel road with washboard sections but is mostly smooth surface, accessible by any vehicle (i.e. Cars). Once it climbs to the top of the table, there is a sign where the second part starts which is only accessible to high clearance 4WD vehicles. This second part is slightly more challenging with some soft sand, off camber roads and a few deep mud spots, though all the muddy parts have bypasses which really mean that any 4WD SUV should make it without an issue when it's generally dry. It ends abruptly at the end of the table without much space to make a 3-point turn so plan accordingly. It probably gets more difficult when wet due to very nasty, thick mud so beware of the weather.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Kyle Johnson
Jun 09, 2024
2022 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
The first half of the trail is a maintained two-car-width gravel road, not much of a trail. The second half of the trail starts behind a sign labeled "high clearance 4x4 only". After this point, the trail is a much tighter single vehicle width only, with grass and bushes encroaching on the trail on either side. There are two tracks beyond the "4x4 only" sign, one is significantly more rutted and uneven than the other, however, both trails climb in elevation relatively slowly. We were able to complete the 4x4-only trail with an AWD SUV with non-aggressive tires without issue.
Logan Muncy
May 11, 2024
2022 Ford F-Series
First part of the road is just gravel. It is cool as you drive up the hill and up onto the top. You continue on for a little bit and reach the “high clearance vehicles only” area. Almost every obstacle has an alternate path around it. Some ruts are unavoidable but it’s not much. There is one point in the trail where you make a hard right turn to not go over the edge of the cliff as you climb up so I would recommend going slow and keeping the trail map up (having a front camera helped immensely). Overall it was a cool trail with some cool off the path stops to take in the view
Colton Benedict
Jan 26, 2024
First portion of trail is perfectly dry and practically a road in good condition. The second high clearance 4x4 section isn’t too bad until the very end leading up to the dead end of the trailer. Was pretty muddy with a hint of snow still down in the shaded parts. With quite deep ruts. I’m in a stock 3rd gen Tacoma and made it just fine but definitely made me wake up a little for the last section.
Jessi Nelson
Jul 25, 2023

Access Description

A couple of miles South of the small town of Scenic, SD, on the southern part of Badlands NP.

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