Alkali Spring

Total Miles


2002.06 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This road is a good way to run North or South from Ditch Creek to Custer Limestone. This road runs along some private land and there is a cattle gate at the South end about a 1/4 mile in from Custer Limestone and one cattle fence about 3/4 mile South of Ditch Creek. This road does lead down through a small canyon and then is along the top of two ridges on both the North and South ends. During the spring/summer there is cattle grazing all throughout this trail and cattle are often on the road itself.


The road is a single lane road that has a good gravel base. No significant washouts or mud holes on it. Much of the road has grass growing down the middle between the tire tracks and there is some wildflowers growing amongst the grass in the spring/early summer. Most any vehicle would be capable on this road.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Road is marked on maps as 472 and signs are posted on the north and south ends. Access from Ditch Creek and Custer Limestone roads.