Snively Gultch

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892.70 ft



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Best Time

Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail is simple, but a few sections make it very difficult. Depending on the direction you take will depend on the difficulty. If you start off of Owyhee Lake Road, this is where the most difficult part of the road is. You will be greeted by a rushing river, and water levels change with the seasons. If there were recent rains, you could expect this river to be hood deep and running very fast. It is advised to proceed with your best judgment; this spot can quickly turn into a very dangerous situation. Potential to hydro lock your rig is also very likely. You will drive by private property after you pass the water crossing; although there are no signs, please do not trespass. This is where the road gets confusing, the main road has been long washed out, and someone has rerouted a new path. However, this new path is built over a wash. This road will also be washed away in time; be cautious when going over this very narrow dirt bridge. I would advise only doing this when dry, as you have only a foot on each side for error. Once you pass these two obstacles, the road is simple from there, with just a few spots that get challenging. During the wet season, this road becomes a muddy mess.

Photos of Snively Gultch

Snively Gultch
Snively Gultch
Snively Gultch


river crossing, narrow sections. mud

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Karl Hannah
Oct 21, 2023

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