Abbott Road 4610

Total Miles


726.43 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This road takes you up the mountain past the La Dee Flats staging area out towards the quarries. The staging area has raised loading docks for loading and unloading trailers. Goes past the La Dee Flats OHV play area. Fires have created weak limbs. Avoid when windy. Tons of spin-off trails marked with what vehicles are permitted. There is a public bathroom, you may need to bring TP.


Paved switchbacks quickly turn to long gravel roads. Sections of potholes make high clearance a must. Winter brings swift deep snowfalls and spring brings mud and deeper potholes. Deep Muddy side cutouts. Water flows cut deep into sections of road. Potential water crossings roughly a foot deep. Potential downed trees and falling limbs.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Highway 224 through Estacada, across the street from Promontory Park Boat Ramp. Take a left off the highway and stay left avoiding the RV park to the right.