Myrtle Park Ice Cave

Total Miles


1,741.36 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This routes visits the unique Myrtle Park Ice Cave and ends at a scenic overlook. Deep in the forest, this is a remote and little known location, even to locals. In the late spring there is some of the best morel hunting in the area. Pine drops are common in this area, as well as many interesting wildflowers. The trail is relatively easy but does have some large rocks that are less than 12". The only vehicle requirement on this trail is rugged tires. The road gets narrow in a few places, but any 4x4 or high clearance 2WD vehicles can make it if they are careful.

Photos of Myrtle Park Ice Cave

Myrtle Park Ice Cave
Myrtle Park Ice Cave
Myrtle Park Ice Cave


Driveable with any 4x4 or high-clearance 2WD vehicle.


The ice cave here has been used since pioneer times.

Technical Rating


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