Mann Lake North Gate

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1463.71 ft


0.75 Hours

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Trail Overview

This bumpy out and back heads a short distance up into the hills. It starts in long grassy fields and then transitions into dense juniper forests. Once in the junipers, the trail narrows until it eventually is only ATV width just past a nice dispersed camping spot. The trees are close to the edge, and paint damage is likely. Also, the further one travels up the trail, the larger the boulders become and the greater the potential for severe sidewall damage. There are a few other fire rings along the way, and one bar of Verizon LTE at the bottom fades to none in the canyon.


Bouldery and narrow with sharp tree branches right along the side of the trail. Paint damage is very possible. Eventually the trail narrows to ATV width only making it impassable for larger vehicles.

Technical Rating