Deception Butte

Total Miles


1084.11 ft


0.33 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This trail spans between the Mid Coast Ridge trail and the Kruger Rock Road Trail. The south end, near Mid Coast Ridge and Fivepoint Hill, sports the highest elevation, dropping steadily for about 1000' before meeting up with Kruger. No extreme inclines are present, and the trail is a mix of gravel and dirt. However, this stretch is not completely flat, having shallow ruts (up to approximately 4 inches) and quite a few potholes to navigate. The trail runs on the west side of Deception Butte, offering access to the Upper Deception Butte Trailhead for hiking. Several small spurs are found here and there, one of which connects back to the Mid Coast Ridge trail. As with other trails in the area, debris, and downed trees after storms are common due to the forest density, so caution and clearing gear are recommended. No snow was encountered on a January run, but it is a possibility given the high point of the trail. Passing space is typically not a problem, although in some places it narrows down to one vehicle width. A couple of places offer enough pullout space for camping if desired, but there are more scenic trails nearby. Although many small water courses are shown on the map (all of which cross under the road), only one was readily visible and offered a view of a small waterfall. On the southern (high) end of the trail, Deception Rock lies just to the southeast, and continuing a touch farther south on the Deception Butte trail will connect with the Upper Layng Creek Trail.


Small ruts and some potholes for much of the trail. Clearing gear for debris/downed trees is recommended. Prepare for the possibility of snow at upper elevations if a cold winter storm blew through recently (snow tires, 4WD).

Technical Rating