Triple Spring Obsidian Mine

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Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

The Triple Springs Obsidian Mine is at the end of this short, steep, and rocky trail in an interesting high-desert environment. The trail follows a draw up to the mines and is littered with obsidian, which is very sharp, so 10-ply tires and a spare are required. Obsidian is volcanic glass that was historically used for making arrowheads and other tools, and is still used for that in modern times. With a sharp eye and close observation you can find rare green obsidian. The trail gets steep and narrow near the top. From the mines you get an excellent view of Mud Ridge and Harney Basin. Several secluded campsites can also be found along the trail.


Trail begins easy, but gets very steep and narrow. The trail is littered with large pieces of sharp obsidian.


This trail has historically been used as an access to the Triple Spring Obsidian Mine.

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